Rebound Photo: Blog en-us (C) Rebound Photo [email protected] (Rebound Photo) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:26:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:26:00 GMT Rebound Photo: Blog 120 90 Where did that picture come from? Varsity at Lansing Invitational-140Varsity at Lansing Invitational-140Canada geese at a golf course It's easy to get distracted. Walking a quiet golf course on a brisk morning has many great opportunities for photos, but sometimes a bird just catches your eye. Having the right lens on the right camera at the right moment can pay big dividends at times. So that's what happened on Saturday at the Lansing Catholic Invitational Golf Tournament. In flight and on the nest, Canada Geese were everywhere and I managed a few photos that snuck into the gallery. It won't be the last time! Varsity at Lansing Invitational-144Varsity at Lansing Invitational-144

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Sports Photography Workshop Resources Thanks to the enthusiastic photographers who joined me for my first-ever sports photography workshop! We had a great time getting a little more comfortable with complex cameras and thinking about the tasks involved in making great sports photos. We spent a little time discussing learning and equipment resources during the class. Below are a few of my favorite places to go when I’m thinking about advancing my craft.


PHOTOGRAPHY SITES AND FORUMS has many years of forum posts and discussions answering all sorts of questions about how to shoot different sports at all levels.

Digital Photography Review is a great place to read forums, articles and discussions about gear including camera bodies and lenses.

Digital Photography School is an online blog with years of posts and resources for every level of photographer. Much of the content is geared toward beginners, but there is something for everyone. Some of the content is free and some isn’t. There is value in the paid classes, etc. but the information taught and presented can be found in other places, too. is a vast learning resource including beginner through advanced video-based courses ranging from understanding equipment to interviews with amazing photographers to every imaginable software product related to photography and much more. It is subscription-based and some organizations (such as University of Michigan) provide access as a benefit to employees. The content is far-reaching and includes learning on almost anything that can be done with a computer and much more. Highly recommended. Look for the one month free subscription for new members on the front page and give it a try.



I am a fan of Big Lens Fast Shutter, featuring two professional sports photographers. Caution: they do not censor their language and can be very critical of photos. They do hold themselves and photographers who submit photos to them to extremely high standards. They will certainly make you think twice about keeping/deleting/publishing images. Don’t let them discourage you, but tune in for some entertaining critique. Their web site links to podcasts as well as their pages where photographers submit photos for review. There is some good stuff there.



You can’t beat the price of Jason Youn’s 99c Photography guide. Get it in paperback or for your Kindle here.



Sometimes a kit camera and lens combination can be a great buy at places like Costco. I generally look to buy professional-grade gear and I never buy it new. I prefer to look at the top-of-the-line gear from the last 10 or 15 years and I buy most of it from They have consistently sold me gear in condition as good or better than they advertised. Once, I decided that a lens was too used for my taste, and they gladly took it back for a full refund. Actually, I just sent it back and paid the difference for a slightly better condition copy and the one they sent was like new.

Other reputable online stores include B&H Photo and Adorama. Another used gear source that I have heard good things about is Roberts Camera, although I haven’t ever purchased from them.


Do you have photography resource that you love? Shoot me a note or leave a comment here.


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Northern Ontario Weekend Escape Rose Lake color tour stopRose Lake in far Northern Ontario is framed by fall colors and evergreens.

Sometimes you just have to get away from it all. East of Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, up to a dozen friends gather each fall to hunt, fish, eat, and enjoy rare friendship. Of course I have a Nikon close at hand most all the time. On Monday a couple of us took a drive in a brand new Toyota Tacoma pickup and wandered of the beaten path a bit. Seeing a huge puddle across the road, we pondered and ultimately decided that it deserved a high speed crossing. I walked ahead and got into a low vantage point. Looking for f/4, I needed to bump up the ISO just a bit in order to get 1/2000 shutter speed. I wasn't sure just how big of a splash there would be, but I assumed it would look great. The headlights just happened to be on, and they really add to the dramatic look. 

On Tuesday, a morning fishing trip in the fog slowly yielded some beautiful views as the fog burned off. I was taken with a little cabin alone on a small rocky island. The image without manipulation was quite nice but a couple of different treatments in Adobe Lightroom show some nice effects that make it suitable for print and framing. 

Whenever a quick trip with new scenery comes to an end, it's a treat to review photos and to share them. They will serve to spark memories and to illustrate stories of adventures far from home for years to come.


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Patience and a Pretty Good Camera. V-Toledo Scott 8-23-18-166V-Toledo Scott 8-23-18-166

Last week one of the parents from the other team asked me to check the settings on her camera. She wasn't sure what settings she should use to get good shots. I took a quick look and her camera was an entry level Nikon with a similar lens. There is a theory that a good photographer can make a cheap camera work well, but an inexperienced photographer may be disappointed with the best camera available. I don't know if that's exactly true, but in the case of someone who just has no idea where to start, it's hard to know where to start offering suggestions.

JV vs Berkley 8-22-18-19JV vs Berkley 8-22-18-19

The camera in question was set at a very high ISO on "P" for "Program." I considered just leaving it alone, since the Program mode should do a good job making a good exposure with most any ISO. The problem with a high ISO like 3200 is that, especially in the case of an entry-level camera, there will be a lot of grain in the image. Grain, or noise, is that fuzzy looking dusty feel to a photo that makes it look kind of crummy. With high ISO and high noise, images can look kind of foggy. Even in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, sharpening can make things worse. There are some tools that can knock down the noise a bit without degrading the image, but if it's really grainy there's not much that can be done without really destroying the quality of the image. 

Dexter at Chelsea 8-24-18-78Dexter at Chelsea 8-24-18-78Here is an image taken late in a game without benefit of a flash. The overhead field lights do a pretty good job but this shot had had a fair amount of grain that needed to be smoothed, leaving the image nowhere near as sharp and vibrant as shots from earlier in the game before sunset.

If there was an easy point and shoot solution, it would be simple. Problem is, there is no such thing, and sometimes you really do get what you pay for. That can be the case with camera gear, especially when the sun gets low in the sky. The images on this page were made with Nikon D700 and D3S cameras with 70-200 2.8 and 300 2.8 lenses. I'll be back to talk about lens selection in an upcoming blog post.

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It's football season in Ann Arbor! It's a blessing to witness the sheer emotion, determination, and high level of play in high school football. It's wonderful to photograph the moments that highlight the experiences these young men share. Watching my son grow and mature as a player, a leader and a skilled football player is the best. 

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Our Team Has A Camera Guy! The Ann Arbor Saints may not be the best team in football but it has some of the best things that a football team can ever hope to have.

Practice 10-14-16-15Practice 10-14-16-15

When 20 middle school boys started practicing in August, some were new and some had been here before. The fathers who stepped up to coach wanted to do their best and that made the kids want the same. Just like football teams do all over our great country, they got stronger and they learned together through the season.

Practice 10-14-16-46Practice 10-14-16-46

I showed up at the beginning of the season with my oldest son and my camera, just as I have the past three years. I have to explain that I don’t know much about football but I love to take photos and my son tolerates my poor knowledge of the game. He loves this team and he loves photography, too.

Practice 10-14-16-69Practice 10-14-16-69

Through the short football season, we witness so many incredible leaps. The boys learn that they are committed to doing their best for their team. They learn what their job is and what it isn’t in dozens of plays. They learn to respect officials, coaches, parents and teammates. They learn to harness newfound physical strength and to polish talent. They learn to praise one another for success at whatever level of play they can achieve, while leaving deficits unspoken. They learn to be punctual and to work as hard as they can.

Practice 10-14-16-22Practice 10-14-16-22

In my volunteer role as photographer, I get to be a storyteller. I have the opportunity to be there for every practice and every moment of triumph and defeat. I get to see fathers and sons connect on a level that means a great deal to both. I get to see moments that we all dreamed of when we first became fathers. I see small victories and long-awaited breakthroughs. I feel the gut-level sense of pride when I watch these young men do the right thing in the face of challenge and adversity.

Practice 10-11-16-47Practice 10-11-16-47

By the end of the season, the team has become a brotherhood. When plays are called and run during practice, there is explosive speed and precision. Still, between plays, we see a silly bunch of kids just having fun. One of the coaches told me that the practice photos mean so much because of the glimpses of sheer joy. I think we all know that our sons, our boys, are growing up fast. They are becoming self-conscious and their belly laughs are becoming subdued as they seek to appear more mature. We don’t want to let go of the little guys we have known, yet we are confident that they are becoming good men.

Practice 10-14-16-96Practice 10-14-16-96

At the beginning of every practice, the coaches – the fathers – spend a few minutes talking. Yesterday we gathered for the last team practice of 2016 and I heard some things that made me realize how much it can mean to have a storyteller on the team. Just like the kids who don’t catch every pass, they know I don’t see every play and sometimes the focus isn’t perfect. I guess it doesn’t matter. Coach Jeff pointed out how the sky was really blue. Coach Jeff and Coach Mike agreed that the grass was a perfect shade of green against the changing leaves of the trees. Coach Tim reminded us that sun was getting lower in the sky and they all agreed it was going to be another great night for pictures. They were right.


Book is available at


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Beginning to feel like football The beginning of football season in Michigan always seems to find a few very hot and humid days. By the last few games, we can't feel our toes. Thankfully, an awesome rain shower blessed us with a cool-down followed by a rainbow yesterday at Father Gabriel Richard High School in Ann Arbor at the JV game.

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Community Fair The summer winds down every year in the same way. Kids and parents alike are hanging on to the last few warm days. Free time is about to disappear in a whirlwind of schoolwork, football games, raking leaves and searching for good apple cider. In our little town, the ultimate distraction is the community fair. It signals the the bitter end of summer but it also serves to bring us all together. It's tradition, reunion, community, family, fun and frolic. My personal favorite is always the Demolition Derby. The arena has gotten smaller and wetter providing less traction and fewer high speed crashes over the years. Still, there is never an empty seat. The posters shout "Cavalcade of Thrills! Total Destruction!" We love this stuff.

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Flite Fest 2016 It was an unexpected surprise to enjoy a live fireside performance by Cooper Hansen and friends during night flying time at Flite Fest. 


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Red light, green light Chelsea vs. Monroe basketball 11-19-13-1Chelsea vs. Monroe basketball 11-19-13-1

The heart, perseverance, determination and optimism of 7th and 8th grade basketball is wonderful to witness. Too bad the gym has those strange lights. Never quite bright enough, and always subtly cycling between a red and green tint. It's imperceptible to most people just watching the game but the camera sees exactly what's going on. Makes for a long day of frustrating attempts at color correction in the computer after the game!

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Saints Team Photo-1 Saints Team Photo-1Saints Team Photo-1

The Rec Football League is an awesome way to get young people fired up about the sport. The Saints got to wear NFL logo uniforms and had a great season with great coaches and terrific sportsmanship. Photographing fast moving people at dusk is a challenge but we still managed to get a few good shots during the course of the season!

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Football with shades of pink The Bulldogs finished the season with a loss at Haslett on Friday but our Dawgs played hard. The shades of pink on the players and in the crowd at Haslett were amazing. Breast cancer awareness, research and patient care is very close to our family and I was pleased to see the football players participating in this growing effort to bring shades of pink to so many new arenas. 

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Cold and wet It was cold and wet this morning at Hudson Mills for the cross country event but colorful umbrellas and amazing Maple trees full of deep reds and oranges were everywhere. With the right gear, even cold and wet can be just fine!

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"You are the guy who takes the amazing photos!" Just hearing those words this morning made my day. When you work hard to make great images, sometimes a simple and sincere compliment out of the blue can make it all seem worthwhile.

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